Welcome to The World That Was.  This site is dedicated to the art of Paul Sharon.  Through his art, Paul Sharon tried to catalogue and artistically portray the Jewish experience before, during, and after the Holocaust.  If you have questions or comments about the site, feel free to contact me.  Paul Sharon was my grandfather, and I view this site as a continuation of his lifelong commitment to using his art to communicate with the public about the Holocaust.    The name of this site was chosen as a reflection of one a Hebrew saying that was very much on Grandpa's mind as he worked: Haolam Shehaya Ve-eynena (The world that was, and is no more). 

Also, thanks go out to a couple people who really helped out with this site.  Thanks David, Barbara, Bruce, and Shaya Sharon.


This is a sketch that my grandfather made of me.
PS- There is a series of books from Artscroll entitled "The World That Was".  This page has no affiliation with them whatsoever.